Feet are surely not the most popular part of our bodies, but they have motivated a prominent advancement of one of the most common beauty treatments: the pedicure.

The pedicure has taken hold of the USA, contributing to around seventy-five percent improvement in the state’s salon numbers since 2000.

With that, the nail salon and nail spa explosion have come a broad range of pedicure choices; each of them is tailored for certain nail care requirements and unique spa experiences. This article outlines some of the pedicure options:

Types of pedicures

  • Regular or classic pedicure

This is the classic treatment that almost all spas and salons provide. Regular pedicures involve a foot scrubbing, and a warm foot soaks with either a foot file or pumice stone followed by shaping of nails, pushing back your cuticles, a short calf and foot massage, clipping of the nails, as well as nail polish and moisturizer (if needed).

Classic pedicure is a great choice for individuals looking for frequent toenail and foot maintenance, such as callus removal, without much pampering or fuss.

  • Spa pedicure

This elevates the regular pedicure in several ways. The procedure typically involves a range of upgrades, such as an exfoliating scrub for advanced removal of calluses, aromatherapy oils included to the footpath, paraffin wax dips, and a hot towel wrap.

  • Sports or athletic pedicure

Sports pedicure is almost similar to a regular pedicure but with a minor twist: soothing aromatics are utilized to assist in soothing tired, sore muscles. Aromas often include eucalyptus, peppermint, or/and cucumber. Some salons also provide further massage with athletic pedicures.

It is a great treatment for sportspersons of any gender and anybody looking to have their feet in incredible shape without luxury and frills. Footfiles are a good choice for individuals who suffer from stubborn calluses, ingrown nails, and other forms of foot issues that require serious tender loving care.

Whether you are looking for your first spa treatment, want to relax and have some fun with a friend, want a way chill out after a tough week, or simply wish to look great for the weekend, pedicure ought to be at the highest of your to-do list.

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